Pre IB Diploma Course

13 – 17 JUNE 2016 and/or 20 – 23 JUNE 2016

The Pre IB Course is designed explicitly for students who are thinking ...


Dear Friends,

With the introduction of the International Baccalaureate (IB) programme throughout the school, we are also changing the school name to ESCA - Bishkek ...


I believe we all strive to be the best version of ourselves that we can be.  However, this is not always easy, simple, or at times obvious how to do. ...

Welcome to our School

ESCA is a non-profit community school that provides excellent international education in a safe, supportive and happy environment.

Our school is now five years old and we have engendered a sense of belonging and care within the school. We are very excited about the type of school we offer and this enthusiasm is mirrored by the community. Student enrolment has increased from less than 20 to over 140 students, with more students joining every term. Seventy percent of our students are American, Asian and European citizens, who are children of employees of embassies, international organizations and international business or NGOs. Thirty percent of students are Kyrgyz citizens. The school welcomes all students regardless of ability, gender, ethnicity, language, or religious belief and everyone is encouraged to take part in all school activities.


At ESCA we feel the warm and friendly atmosphere that exists is a major factor in helping our students to maximize their potential. Small class sizes, an attractive well- resourced location and vibrant teaching all contribute towards an educational environment that enables students to achieve success.

ESCA offers the IB Diploma Programme, a two-year educational programme for students aged 16–19, provides entry into many universities worldwide.

At lower levels, ESCA currently follows the Cambridge curriculum framework for all subjects covered by Cambridge but is in the process of moving to the IB Primary Years Programme and IB Middle Years Programme . Beyond curriculum the school provides a comprehensive education program including PE, Art, Music, Dance and a wide range of extra-curricular activities.

Secondary education runs from age 11 to 16. In a Year 10 and 11 (normally age 14 to age 16) students study the Cambridge International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) with examination at the end of Year 11. The school offers many different course options for IGCSE and all students must choose at least seven IGCSEs from five different subject groups so that they qualify for the International Certificate of Education Group Award (ICE). In practice, students choose to study between 9 and 12 different IGCSE subjects, including 7 from the 5 different subject groups so that they all receive the International Certificate of Education Award as well as individual IGCSE subject certificates. Primary education runs from age 5 to 11. Each class has two teachers and small class sizes. The education program includes English, Mathematics, Science, Art, Music, Physical Education, Dance, ICT, Geography, History, and Russian or Kyrgyz language as a second language option and French or Mandarin or extra English as a third language option. Independent assessment of achievement is made at the end of Year 6 with the Cambridge International Examinations Checkpoint Test.

Preschool accepts children from age 2 to 5 in three classes and currently follows the British Government Early Years and Foundation Stage Framework .


If you would like to find other international schools in Bishkek, open this PDF link for a list of schools with contact details and other essential information. We hope that you will find a school that is just right for you and your child!

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